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What Clients Are Saying

Manager in Wellness

During my role as Studio Manager, Patty took me under  her wing. She trained me to be a communicative, assertive, customer and  employee-focused manager. She taught me how to compassionately mentor and manage  employees. She taught me how to sell, create and exceed sales goals and overcome objections. I continue to use the  skills that she taught me in my current role. She is an extraordinary  coach, trainer, and  leader.

Tracie K.

Entrepreneur in Event Planning

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Patty Franco as my coach. From the first meeting she showed so much compassion and interest in my  ambition to become an event planner.  She coached me throughout the process of launching my business. We did a number of  exercises to help me realize my passion in event planning and then implement my action plan on an aggressive timeline. She connected me with all the right people  to help me succeed. With her help and dedication I was able to create  an epic event all while launching my business. I know that I can  reach out to Patty for support in all my future endeavors.  

Valerie R.

Private Educator, Child Celebrities

I have known Patty for the past 10 years. I met her at various workshops she conducted in the area. She was so enthusiastic,  knowledgeable and passionate about the topics I was compelled to hire her as my coach. I needed help with my career direction. Patty's advice and steps  helped me secure the job I was seeking in a very  specialized industry. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help  working through life transitions. She is so sincere and loves helping people. 

Lori H.

Real Estate Agent

Patty was my business coach for a year and a half. She really helped me believe in myself, remain motivated, and held me accountable for the huge goals I had. She showed me how to break my goal into smaller pieces and steps so I could attain the income and impact on others that I was aiming for. Sales was always way outside of my comfort zone, but now I am in a career where I rely on those skills and I am thriving in my real estate business. I'm so glad I gave her the chance to help me be who I was really meant to be.

Vera K.