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About Patty


Her Experience

A 25-year track record in the development of people and businesses...

Patty knows what it takes to make businesses thrive; vision, leadership, grit and a growth mindset. She spent the first 15 years of her career in various Human Resources functions with Fortune 500 organizations, such as Cigna, Pfizer, Donnelly Financial and the Chicago Tribune. She also has 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She successfully launched and grew two retail sales businesses; one in direct sales and one franchise in the wellness industry, managing all aspects of both operations and drove them to profit within a two-year time frame. 

Throughout her career, Patty has personally coached over 150 managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. She is also a skilled facilitator and has conducted over 200 professional classes and workshops on topics ranging from sales, business development, leadership, performance management, customer service, presentation skills, among others. 

Her approach to coaching is comprehensive and personal. She gets to know her client thoroughly and gets razor sharp clarity on his or her goals for the coaching process. She helps the individual pinpoint what is getting in the way of goal achievement, uncover insights on patterns that drive or hinder success, and maps out a plan that will capitalize on core strengths to drive results. 


Patty holds a Master of Education  in Adult & Organizational Development from Temple University in Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pace University in New York. She is also certified in various assessment tools such as MBTI and DiSC. 


Her Approach

Patty provides a comprehensive approach to coaching, inclusive of a thorough needs assessment and goal setting session, followed by a recommended coaching schedule and plan. 

She will recommend resources and tools to support your goals, which may include self-directed online learning modules (designed by her), a recommended reading list, a style assessment, referrals to mentors, among other active learning approaches. But most of all, Patty will gain a deep understanding of what is most important to you, where you are "stuck" and help you create a breakthrough that will drive your business results forward. 


Why Patty?

Coaches play a key role in our lives, and many of us have had a coach of one type or another at some point in our lives - in sports, academics, performing arts, etc. Selecting a coach is a very subjective process. The client coach relationship only works when there is trust, respect, and a commitment to the process. 

Patty is known by her clients for ability to connect and relate to others, to really "get" them and what they are struggling with most. She is an excellent listener and will ask tough questions in a gentle and supportive way to help the client discover things for themselves. She will also share her experiences and lessons learned where it may be helpful.  Most importantly, Patty has a true passion for helping others succeed, so when you work with her you can rest assured that you have a partner who will hold you accountable for the goals that you set and will ensure that you "get what you came for." 


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